I dyed this Shetland Spindrift last night. I had it leftover from when I made a hat and mittens for myself. Reagan, my daughter, has been begging me for a pair of mittens. She is all girl, so settled on pink and purple as her preferred colors. I think I am going to use the purple on the left ( dyed using Royal Blue, Pink and a tiny smidge of black Wilton Cake Colors) and the pink (dyed using the plain pink Wilton Cake Color) and a skein of Shetland Spindrift that is called Anemone (a light light purple) for the background color. Even if the resulting mittens are not something anyone else on the face of the earth would wear, Reagan will love them. I charted the pattern last night, I think the chart is really cute, anyway. Two little baby deer, hearts, checks, they at least won’t be boring to knit.