Well, I decided over the weekend that I needed to find some source (or sources!) of fiber to spin. Called the county extension agent this morning, and he gave me two numbers of people whom he thought might have wool available. The first man, a retired vet, did not have any wool, but did ask me if I might like a llama fleece. When I asked him how much he would want for it, he said he burned it last year, so he would just give it to me. So he took my number, and hopefully he will call me when it is time to shear the llama. That is so exciting.

I called the second number, but the man was not in, so I am to call back at 7:00. This fellow is a little closer to home, so hopefully this will work out.

I posted a picture of the yarn that I finished spinning and plying over the weekend. There has got to be a trick to plying. Ihad one tangled mess after another, but finally I was done. Now I have 64 yards of really pretty yarn, and it seems to me to be consistent in size. I don’t know what I could knit out of that small an amount of yarn, maybe a baby hat for my nephew Dakota, or something. The yarn seems to have no give whatsoever, but it is very soft.

Another adventure in dyeing today. I decided to dye some of the Shetland fleece the Margie gave me, just so I would have a different color to play with and could practice carding colors together, etc.

Well, Ryan’s baptism went off without a hitch. He giggled the entire time he was in the baptismal. Such a joyful spirit, I hope he never loses it.

Well, I only have the thumb to go on Reagan’s first mitten. The spinning is really distracting me. How am I ever going to find time to do both? It seems like there is always more to do than I really have time for, it’s ridiculous.