Well, I checked today and I hadn’t posted in a week. Mainly because I have been doing a lot of spinning instead of knitting, and there just isn’t much progress to show. I did start a present for a relative, but of course, I can’t post pictures of that.

I went out to visit with a very nice person that I met at the spinning guild meeting last month, Margaret. We had a wonderful afternoon, I showed her the magic loop method of knitting, and she taught me to spin on a spinning wheel. I started on her Ashford Joy, and then moved to the small saxony wheel she had. Then, she graciously sent me home with the saxony wheel, so that I would have something to spin on until I can get a wheel of my own. The willingness to share, not only information, but fiber and equipment amoung the community of hand spinners really astounds me.

So, I have been spinning away. Spinning on a wheel has a few more pit falls that spindle spinning. I spin to thin and the yarn breaks, or I start spinning backwards. However, things seem to be going well. I have found it to be much easier than I had imagined it would be.

There is another spinning guild meeting this coming Saturday, Oct. 9th in Tahlequah. I am really looking forward to it. Also hoping to get some more knitting done this week, instead of being captivated by the wheel. I have to post to the blog more often as well. It doesn’t do me a lot of good if I don’t post more than once a week. That is just shameful.