Had a doctors appointment this morning, and when I got back, we were going to start school. I got home and the boys brought me stories they were writing. Now, I am a big reader, I read as often as I can. But my boys are not, and it hurts my heart. I always imagined that when I had kids, they would love to read as much as I do, that we would sit around and talk about all the books I loved as a kid, my own little homegrown reading group.

However, so far, that is not to be. Chad’s LD keeps him from reading fluently, although he has improved in leaps and bounds over the last year or so. Ryan is just too busy to read,unless it is during an assignment, and when he does read, he is more interested in decoding huge words than in what the words say. So when my boys brought me stories, stories that they had written themselves, it didn’t matter that all of Chad’s words were spelled wrong. It didn’t matter than Ryan had plagiarized a lot of his story from his brother, and his words were therefore all spelled wrong as well. Nope. All that mattered is that my boys had put pencil to paper, and had written stories. Without any prompting from me, but because that is what they wanted to do. So all morning we worked on spelling, we fixed tense, we discussed capitalization. And they had fun. If they had been in public school this morning, they would have probably been told to put the stories away, so they could do math. Homeschool=flexible. I love homeschool.

I finished another skein of yarn from the handpainted roving last night. I made it thicker, got a few yards less. I still have to do a swatch for gauge, but I think it will be better for warm hats and mittens, and also the pink/purple repeats aren’t so close together. I don’t think I like plying the yarn to itself from two ends of one ball. The yarn ends up with these huge patches of color the exact same in it. On this skein it is yellow and orange. I knit a swatch of the thinner yarn at the doctors, and it is really thin and rough. I don’t think I could use it for socks,it is so rough. I might wash it again and add some hair conditioner to see if it softens up any. Or use it for a felted bag. Or something.