Well, I have been trying to post to my blog since Monday. There is something going on with our internet service provider, and I keep getting disconnected, and it BloggerBot will not post my pictures or the update. So I have resigned myself to a pictureless update, and hopefully it will work better later in the week.

We had our spinning guild meeting on Saturday. Only five people made it, but we had a lot of fun. Margaret taught us to spin from the lock, and had a lot of mohair locks dyed up in three different color ways. I had a h ard time with it at the meeting, but had more success at home. I will show you a picture of the locks and the yarn when I can get pictures to post.

In knitting news, the lace dream stole has been completely frogged, and I am working on an shawl from the The Best of Knitters:Shawls and Scarves that was designed by Myrna Stahman. I have been wanting to do that one for a while, so I cast on for it in some dark blue green fingering weight yarn that my MIL brought me from China. It is coming along nicely, and is giving me time to think about what I am going to do with the handspun (ridiculously tiny) yarn that I spun for Mom’s shawl. There seems to be an absence of a consensus on what constitutes a lace weight yarn. I have read 36 wpi, all the way to 22 wpi. That is a pretty wide difference, and it is driving me crazy. There are several patterns I would like to try, all that call for laceweight yarn, but I really have no idea what anyone means by laceweight anymore. If I ply the 2 ply yarn together, I will only have 900 yards of yarn, that will be 18 wpi, or sportweight. Not exactly the lace dream I was hoping for.

So I will be sticking with the 36 wpi, and just doing a lot of swatching. I will also be spinning a little thicker from now on, for lace knitting. Fingering weight yarn for lace is easier to work with, and still pretty in the finished piece.

I will post some pictures if I can the next time.