The spinning for Sean’s mittens continues. This was 2-3 oz of miscellaneous grey wool. It was very similar to the light grey wool that I last spun for these mittens. It has a nice sheen, is very soft, and is slightly tacky. I have no idea what type of sheep it came from, but I wish I could get more. It spun up into 386 yards of yarn, at 22 WPI. I predrafted this time, and it spun much more quickly. Maybe there is hope for me yet.

Next is a picture of the stash enhancement that I did at the Wild and Wooly spinning guild meeting in Tulsa last Saturday. I got 8 oz of silk (2 different colors) for $16. That is half what I had paid for silk previously. There is also a little bag of silk merino blend with a matching 1 oz of silk in a color called Northern Lights. That might become a scarf woven on the rigid heddle loom. There is also almost 4 oz of kid mohair, and the rest of it is wool. I don’t have any real plans for any of it, it was just all such a good deal. The red and blue wools were 4 dollars a bag, and there is about 8 oz in each bag. The brown wool is almost 6 oz and was only a dollar. There is some merino there that was more expensive, but still a really good deal. I also got a lama fleece that was given to me for free. It has to be washed and dehaired, but it is very nice. Why the massive wool hoarding, you ask? Sean is getting ready to go back to school, and I know there will not be extra money for wool once he starts. Luckily for me, it takes me a while to plan, spin and knit a project, and I should have enough stash now to carry me through. And if not, the Lord will provide, as He always has. Maybe a stray lamb will show up on my doorstep, LOL.