I have been spinning silk like a spider the last couple of days. This is silk that I bought during the Wild and Wooley spinning guild’s rock day from a wonderful lady named DeeAnn. It is super bright, and I am getting a nice lace weight 2 ply. I have 4 ounces to spin, and the first skein was less than half of the four ounces, I think. The third spindle of singles, shown with the plied yarn, is much fuller than the two bobbins I plied this skein of 542 yards from. No idea what to make with it, but whatever it is, it will be bright, snicker.

Saturday night, after the alpaca shearing and picking up a greenhouse (Thanks, Margaret!) I was too tired to knit or spin. Needing something practically mindless, I combed about half of the Teeswater locks that Margaret gave me months ago. I can’t believe that I did not realize the wonderful potential of that little bag of locks. It combed out beautifully, with minimal waste. I probably had a puff of fiber about as big as a golfball that did not make it into the final top. I am about half way through with the bag. I can’t wait to spin it, but I want to finish the silk first. I probably have 2 ounces of this, and I don’t know what to knit with that small of an amount of yarn. Maybe mittens for one of the kids. It is so soft it would probably make wonderful mittens.