There is just a little fiber news today. I wanted to post this picture of the two beautiful alpaca fleeces in natural light. I keep admiring them, but haven’t had much time to do anything with them other than get ready to wash them. I am washing the white/caramel one first.

I completely abandoned the weekends fibery plans last night, when I got the urge to try my hand at dying some self striping sock yarn. The experiment went well, and as soon as I knit some of it up, I’ll put up pictures. Since I had the dyes out anyway, I grabbed a couple of ounces of the targhee top I had ordered a while back, and did this. The colors turned out so vibrant, and perfect for my older son. He loves orange, and I got some nice oranges here. I used Cushing’s Perfection dyes in Navy Blue, Rust, and Golden Nugget. I have been wanting to experiment with dyeing ever since I got the Color in Spinning book, but it really takes a big push for me to drag all the stuff out. I need to get DH to clean out the garage, (snort) and then I could drag the old electric stove in there and have a dyeing area. FIL has a great old hardware cabinet out there, that if it was really cleaned up, would make a great place to store fibery related things, like natural dyes, etc. Dream, dream, dream.