So, I didn’t start another lace project. I got tired of sitting there knitting, looking at the poor lonely triangle loom leaning against the wall. So I decided to weave a cut length shawl. It took two days to cut all the yarn to length, using a warping board made out of pvc pipe, tie all the lengths together in twos, figure out what kind of repeats to make, etc. A lot more math and figuring than I am used to. The weaving itself, however, seems to progress really quickly.

You attach the knotted end of your length at the bottom left hand side (for me, a lefthander) carry it to the appropriate number nail at the top, then weave under and over the previous threads to the right hand short side, where you form another knot and slip it over the edge. As I finish each color band as laid out in my pre weaving, I knot the edges together in twos, after I make sure I haven’t made any weaving mistakes.

I am making this shawl out of a bunch of leftover yarns, The purple here is the balck cherry yarn that I dyed and spun myself, the light green is an alpaca/? blend from, the dark green is from my grandmother’s shawl, and the black is from Jody’s. I am also using my first handspun yarn in here, although none of it is on the loom yet. It is a grey wool from icelandic sheep. I think it is going to look okay, but even if it doesn’t at least I will have some experience and know what to expect to make better shawls in the future. This is a lot easier for me, by the way, than the continuous weave process. I like it too, but I like the looks of this better. That’s all for now. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!