I really enjoyed making this shawl. It looked so nice on the loom. But when I took it off the loom and washed it, it turned into a lumpy, wrinkled mess. I think that is probably in part to 1) I made a bunch of mistakes in the weaving, mainly not knowing that I needed to straighten out the strands in both directions as I wove. I snugged them up next to each other, but didn’t straighten out the “warp” strands.
2) I think the variety of yarn types might have had something to do with the lumpy ness. I mixed several types of wool and some alpaca, and they probably “shrunk” at different rates when I washed the shawl.

However, I am going to look at this like you would look at your first garter stitch knit scarf. It might have some problems, but now I can figure out what I did wrong and do better. And it certainly looks nice enough to hang over the back of the office chair for cool mornings.