I have a shawl design floating around in my head, and for the last several days I have been working on preparing the fiber for that shawl. I have a group of 4 different fibers that I am going to use, a silk/merino blend( fiber at right below) a white targhee top (left) a camel/silk blend and a silk blend. I am mixing small amounts of different combinations of those 4 fibers, combed or carded, to get different colors and textures.

This is the silk/merino and the targhee after it has been through several passes on the comb and then pulled through a diz.

Below is the waste from the combs (after all, it was perfectly straight, perfectly clean fiber) lightly carded with some brown top.

These are the yarns that I have finished. The plain blue is from the silk/merino. The brown is camel/silk (absolutely the softest stuff, and beautiful) and you can see the smallest skein of a silk that is plyed with more of the silk/merino blend. I am hoping I can get at least 8-10 seperate blends for the finished project, I just have small amounts of fiber. Well, I have a lot of the targhee. But if I only use 4 ounces of fiber total I shouldh ave enough. That is about how much mom’s shawl took, so I am not figuring on needing more than that. One last thing, is that my little sister Nikki and my little brother Bruce are graduating high school this week. I just wanted to say Congratulations to them, and tell them I am so proud of them. I know that there are many good things to come from them both!