Yesterday was great. The Murrell Home in Tahlequah had it’s annual lawn social, and 2 other ladies from the guild and I did a spinning and weaving demonstration. Well, I did spinning, the other two did spinning and weaving. There were a lot of exciting things going on, a blacksmithing demo, someone was cooking in the smoke house, there was period dancing and reenactments going on. Of course, I forgot to take my camera. I was kind of upset about that, it would have been great to get some pictures. Anyway, I spun the natural dyed fiber that we had dyed last month. I was trying to spin a set length of each color, but I would start talking and forget to change colors eventually. I also spun quite a bit of it thinner than I had intended as well. This picture did not pick up the brown of the walnut dyed fiber very well, but it is in there. It reminds me of neapolitan ice cream. I was thinking about making the faroese shawl done in garter stitch from Stahman’s Shawls and Scarfs, but now I am thinking that it might make a better triangle loom shawl.

I also finished the next little skein of yarn for my current shawl. I don’t know why I am on a shawl kick right now. Hopefully I break out of that soon. Anyway, this is an extreme closeup, the other picture I took of this yarn was too dark, and my cameras batteries died. The yarn on the left is the recently finished yarn. I had it layed out with the other yarns. I think it is turning out to be a nice collection; similar but different. I don’t know whether I will spin or knit tonight. I have to frog back an entire row of knitting, I messed something up and didn’t catch it before I had almost finished the row. So I will probably be spinning, LOL. I found a huge patch of coreopsis behind one of the two little convenience stores that serve as “town” today. I stripped off all the flower heads and buds, chopped it up and made a tea bag out of an orphan sock. It is soaking on the stove. It smells surprisingly like oranges, has a sharp citrus scent to it. I put cold water on it to soak, and you could see the color seeping out of it. Now I have to wait until it has soaked a day or two so I can dye with it. I also saw some echinacea between here and town and might go dig a little up and transplant it to my yard.