The batteries in my camera finally recharged, so I can post pictures today. First up is the progress on the stole. As of last night, I had completed 35 repeats of the Bead lace Pattern. It looks a little funky right now, I hope it straightens out on blocking. 50 or 60 repeats should get me to a length long enough for the look I want. Can you tell I haven’t really planned this out to extensively?

Next is the coreopsis dyed roving. I have to tell you, that was a lot of fun! And it is a gorgeous gold color with some brighter orange spots. That little piece in the middle that is a lighter yellow is a piece of roving I threw in about an hour before I drained the pot, and as you can see, it was still producing dye. I have to go out sometime this week and collect some more to soak and freeze. I wonder how it would work if you just froze the flowers and buds? I will definitely be using wild coreopsis to dye with again. The problem with natural dyeing is once you get started, you just want to pick everything to see if you can get any color out of it. I am waiting for my Rose of Sharon to bloom, and then that is going in the dye pot!