No new knitting pictures today. I am almost done with the rectangular center for my stole. I had to kick myself last night when I sat down to figure out the math for picking up the borders. Maybe I should have done that before I started the project. Anyway, I thought I would put in this picture of the hat and mittens I made for myself about a year and a half ago. I love these things, but it is almost never cold enough here in OK to wear them. I think I have worn them three or four times. The hat was a free pattern, and the mittens, I did myself, using the motif from the hat and charting the contrast band and top from Charted Celtic Designs. They were knit out of Shetland Spindrift. These were my first two color knitting, and I loved it. If it ever cools down here, then I will get back to Seans mittens.