Finished the first part of the shawl last night. I blocked it this morning to get some idea of how it might look finished, and I have to say, it could have been a bit narrower. I think I will not block it as severely in the finished stole, and it should be all right. The airy laciness of this stitch would lend itself well to a lot of projects, I think. Longer and with a nice edging, it would make the perfect lace scarf. Knit in cotton, it would make a nice sheer for a kitchen window. In other news, I got all the math figured out, and so now I just need to finish up spinning the yarn for the borders and decide whether or not to put an edging on it. I am leaning towards a small edging, but I don’t think it will be absolutely necessary. Well, that’s all for today. Sean and I are going out tonight while the IL’s keep the kids. He’s been at work all day, so it should be interesting.