Yes, I know I am ignoring the shawl. I just can’t seem to concentrate on knitting this week, there is too much going on, too much that I am worrying about instead of praying about, I guess. Spinning is very calming though, and I have done a lot of spinning, hehe. Here are some more soft singles. I was worried knitting the swatch for this yarn, it seemed like they were so softely spun they were going to fall apart, despite the plying. But they actually knit up into a very nice fabric, though a little blah in the color department. So I decided to over dye that batch of top.

Now, no one can accuse this top of being “blah”. I am a little worried that the colors will get really muddy when I spin it, but if that happens I think I will just use it as practice roving for the kids, who really want me to teach them to spin. I wonder if I will have as much trouble keeping them off the spinning wheel as I do trying to keep Chad off the computer?

I also dyed this top, which was plain brown. Some of the areas didn’t get as saturated as others, but the effect is really subtle. Both of the boys have “claimed” this roving. They think it looks like camoflage, and they are all about the camo. I like it too though, so we will have to see. If one of the boys gets something made of this, it will be Ryan, as I have tons of bright orange roving that has Chad’s name all over it. Well, back to trying to get ready for the trip. It seems there is always one more thing I need to do. I mowed the lawn yesterday, it’s been a while since I did that, but it looks like it is going to be my job for the next couple of years. At least the yard looks better.