Before I talk about my wonderful visit home, I thought I would show you the finished picture of the handspun socks. My son and I are currently arguing about exactly who is going to own these socks. I figure that since he can’t stop going outside in his socks with no shoes on, it is not going to be him. Ha!

My visit home was so great. We had a wonderful time, and if we had stayed much longer, I would have had an even harder time leaving. My twin sister and my brother and their families were all there, as well as my younger sister who is off to college in the fall. Jodi (the twin) had brought a journal and we had a lot of fun writing questions at the top of each page which each of us had to answer. I hope that continues over the years. We aren’t usually there at the same time, and it would be great to go to moms and find the book with new questions to answer, and new things to learn about the others.

There was some fiber activity. One, I knitted away on the handspun socks quite a bit while I was there. It was something I could do while still participating in the conversation. Second, my cousin Jill, who I hadn’t seen in at least 13 years, came over to visit so I could show her how to spin. She picked right up on it, even though I wasn’t the best teacher in the world. Jill taught me to crochet when I was a little girl, and that is what led to the knitting and the spinning. I was really glad to be able to show her the spinning wheel and the drop spindle. Grandma sat there and watched us. I was so glad to get to spend time with Grandma. Well, I guess that is all for now.