Timeline: I started spinning on the drop spindle in September 2004. In October I got my spinning wheel. Today, I got my first ( and maybe last!) two lambs. I am a little nervous about this next step in my adventure, but it is something that I have wanted to do, the lambs were free, I have researched and bookmarked tons of sheep related websites, and so I set forth.

These two have no names yet, I was going to name the white one Daisy, but it turns out that one is a boy, so back to the drawing board. They are Finnsheep/Hampshire crosses, and the black one may turn white as time goes by, I guess we will see. As we waited for them to arrive today, we cleaned house and I washed the alpaca fiber that my Sister In Law, Lori, brought to me in WV from Florida. It is beautiful stuff, in about 4 different colors from 3 alpacas her aunt bought as pets. I can’t wait to spin it and comb it.

I finished knitting up this little change purse that I felted last night. It is the first time I have tried felting, out of the left over sock yarn. I figured this way, even if I do loose the socks to my son, at least I will still have something with those beautiful colors in it. I am going to add some beads and a zipper, and I think it will be quite snazzy. Thanks for all the kind comments about the socks, by the way. You all are so kind. I am going to try to work on the Shetland shawl this evening. I keep looking at it and wanting to work on it, but things keep getting in the way. I wanted to close by saying that my prayers are with the people of London today, as they were yesterday. I got up early yesterday, before the kids, which doesn’t usually happen, and turned on the news. That also doesn’t happen often, I usually get my news from the internet. I sat there in shock and disbelief and horror as events unfolded. My prayers just go out for the victims, their families and friends.