I have been knitting. I am finally through the part of the Feather and Fan shawl from gathering of lace that is kind of complicated, and am getting ready to start the feather and fan part. It has been fun knitting so far, and I think it is turning out nicely. I am going to have to find some knitting to do in tandem with this peice though, because there is just no progress to report a lot of the time.

You probably noticed that I made myself a new graphic to use for the top of the blog. The kids did this amazing thing the other day where they colored every board on the porch a different color with chalk. It looked so wonderful, and they did such a good job. They are really the only work of my hands that will count when it’s all said and done, so I thought it appropriate that they be on the graphic, even if you only see their feet. I like the way it turned out, and it was worth it to struggle with the code (I know nothing about code, I just substituted the url for the image, and then juggled the numbers till it came out right) to get it they way I wanted it. Anyway it is there. I hope it doesn’t make the page load slow. Well that’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend, and I hope it doesn’t take me so long to blog as it did this time.