About 6-8 months ago, a little blue heeler mix showed up on the collective doorstep out here. My BIL named her Shiloh, and they called her their dog. She spent more time over here at our house though, and it quickly became apparent to everyone that she was Chad’s dog. He had been praying for a dog of his own for a while. We have our inside dog, Ben, but Ben is cranky, and doesn’t do much besides sleep and eat. Shiloh was the answer to prayers, there was no doubt about it. She would chase the kids, and wrestle with them. She never growled at them or showed any aggression to them at all, although anyone who pulled in to the driveway she barked at until they left. She also killed a huge number of mice and possums, the carcasses of which she left in the front yard, possibly as a sign of her devotion, who knows. Maybe she just got bored with them. She was a great dog.

My BIL called about an hour ago, right after my last post, to tell me she was dead. Hit by a car. Chad is devastated, and can’t quit crying. It is not by far the first dog I have ever lost, but I can’t quit crying because my son is crying. I told him Shiloh was lucky. She could have died when whoever abandoned her left her by the side of the road. But she found her way to him, and he really, really loved her. There are a lot of dogs that don’t get that. I’m just sorry that they didn’t get longer to spend together.