I was progressing really well on the sock. I really was. I decided to reverse the cable pattern for two reasons. 1, I thought if I made them exactly the same, then to me, it would look like the cables on one of the socks were backwards. 2. It was more interesting to knit the cable going the other way instead of having to make the exact same sock twice. This is as far as I have made it this week though. And I will tell you why.

This is why. I dyed up eight ounces of wool on Tuesday, which took up my time for one day. This is the third batch I dyed. These were just samples, to see what colors I would get with my new dyes. I love the bright apple gree, and also the dark blue and cardinal red This is probably 5 and a 1/2 to six ounces and will probably become felted slippers for someone this Christmas.

This is a small skein from a small amount of roving that I dyed with all the dye stock colors right from the dye stock jar to see what colors they actually produced. They are really really bright.

This skein has 170 yards, probably a sport to worsted weight. There was a lot of green in the roving, but it shows up in the finished yarn as just bits and peices, dominated by the pinks and purples that were really muted in the roving. Actually, it was a pretty ugly roving, and I still don’t know how I feel about this finished yarn. However, it will make a nice pair of small mittens or something. Pink and burgundy are just not my colors. I discovered this week that If I get up about the same time Sean leaves for class or clinicals, I can get a lot more accomplisehd with my day. Hopefully this means I will be back to blogging more regularly. Blogging has taken a back seat to getting homeschool done, but you have to have your priorities. I’ll try to do better though.