Let’s try this again. I am having a lot of trouble with Picasa and Blogger today. I hope this goes through this time. I finished the socks Monday night. I think they turned out very nice, very soft. The top ribbing is not very elastic, but since the whole leg is basically a ribbing, I think they are going to stay up okay. I made a huge mistake and didn’t find that I had missed a cable until after I had bound off. I did not go back and fix it. A perfectionist I’m not, and I figure, well, it’s going to be under my pants and no one but you all and myself are going to know there is a mistake in the sock.

I did some more dyeing on Monday night. I think I figured out what was going on with the roving from my last post. I didn’t make sure the roving was completley saturated with dye, and that left a lot of white that then made the finished yarn a lot paler than the roving. This new batch of roving turned out better. I like this one in shades of blue and turquoise. I think it will make a really pretty yarn.

I really like this one though. I think this is my favorite of all the rovings I have ever dyed. The purple in this picture is a little brighter than the actual roving, and it just looks delicous. The plum sets off the gold, rust and cardinal perfectly. I am almost afraid to spin it, because it is so beautiful.

Yesterday, I spun up 8 ounces of fiber for a special project. Here is the finished yarn. I can’t tell you anymore about it than that. I can’t wait to start knitting!