delayed laundry and dirty rugs..

Well, it is going to be a small post though.

I wanted to show the fiber samples I clipped off my sheep Thursday. The one of the left is from Ivy, where she is turning white. The middle sample is from Tootles. The sample on the right is from Ivy’s back. It is so wild that one sheep has two completely different colored wools, but also a huge bonus, wouldn’t you agree? Three colors of wool for the price of two.

Then I spun it up. From the left, the grey is about a fingering weight, and a little fuzzy. The black is slightly finer, but still a little fuzzy. The largest amount is the fiber from Tootles, that spins up into a smooth, fine, soft, laceweight. I absolutely love the yarn I get from Tootles fiber. The stuff on the far right is a cotton/silk noil fiber that I was trying to spin. That was very hard to spin, although the addition of the silk noil made it a little easier. I think I would need a faster wheel to spin cotton successfully, but I don’t really want to spin cotton, so I guess that works out well.

I finished knitting the mystery object. I will post real pictures of it soon. Until then, here is a little teaser, though.

I wanted to say Hi to all the new commenters in the blog. I’ve seen a few new names out there. I am always so glad to see comments from my blog friends Wool Winder, Jill, Laura and Lou as well. You all always have something to say that just makes my day. Thursday, Laura asked if I used a wheel. I have a Kromski Minstrel, and I just love it. Jill asked how I find time…well, there is never enough time. I guess if I quit spinning and knitting my house would be cleaner. Well, my house isn’t cleaner. The dishes are done every meal, the clothes are washed every day. The kids are clean, fed, and educated. I sweep and wipe down and pick up a thousand things it seems. But if it isn’t done by 6 pm, it probably isn’t going to get done till tommorrow.Well, except laundry. I get to do laundry it seems, all day long. I really need to mow, and I may do that this evening. Or tommorrow morning.

I’m glad to know I am not alone in not ripping back to fix every single mistake. Whew.

Well, I have been trying to post this entry to the blog for three days. And I have to tell you, I got a new sweeper, and the floors are no longer unswept! I’m still working on the laundry though…..