Well, this is a picture of the mystery project. My little sister started college a couple of weeks ago, and I made these to match the decor of her room. I also sent her a batch of homemade cookies (cracked sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies) and three bags of hard candy, so she can keep her energy up while studying. I also sent her the finished change purse that I felted a while back. I think she liked it all.

I am having a rough time. I found out Friday that my dad is in the hospital. Then today, they called to tell me that several things had happened. He is seriously ill, and I can’t go be with him. They thought he had a heart attack, but then ruled that out. He has blood in one lung, although they have managed to get much of it out. They also found a nodule on his lungs, which may or may not be cancer. We are just waiting now, to see what happens next. (This is a picture of dad and my twin and I, long long ago)

Anyway, I probably won’t be on much until Wednsday. Our computer line is not working correctly, and I have to try to keep the regular phone line open.