Work on the shawl went well last night. I am almost through with the first ball of yarn. I like this much better in Stockinette stitch than in garter stitch. It makes good tv knitting as well. I am going to add lace when I am about half way through the yarn I have dyed for this, and finish it when I have 1 and 1/2 balls of yarn left. It should be plenty big, I want it to be big and snuggly, since I figure I will mainly wear it around the house.

The bread for today was Rye! I absolutely love rye bread, I have since I worked in the bakery in NC. This is a little more dense than I like my bread though, and the caraway seed flavor is a little subdued in this bread.This recipe had corn meal in it, and while I like what that did to the crust, I don’t like the color it gave to the bread. It is almost green. Oh, well, I guess all that means I just get to try again tommorrow with another recipe. I want to make some onion bread too, I think that would be delicous in sandwiches.