It’s too late to come up with a snappy post title. It figures that just when I would most like to go to bed at night and actually sleep, I can’t. Instead, this is the third night in a row that I have found it impossible to sleep. It is almost 4 am, and in an hour, Sean will be up to go to clinicals, and I will have to admit I have been up all night. Then, just about morning I will fall asleep for a little while, and then be exhausted all day. I just can’t seem to turn my mind off though, despite numerous cups of chamomile tea. Usually that works for me.

At least it’s been interesting. I have been reading the reviews over at the Ordinary American webiste. It is basically Orson Scott Cards blog. He gets to go on and on about ordinary things and sound interesting; as opposed to me, who could go on and on about ordinary things and bore you to tears. He also talks about things going on in Greensboro occaisionally, and I enjoy that, because, occaisionally, I miss Greensboro. If you go read over there, make sure you read the review about toilet paper. It’s hilarious, especially if you haven’t had any sleep.