I’ve been better. My scarf for my Aunt Wanda got screwed up somehow and I had to cut it off the loom. It just all of a sudden got about an inch thinner than it had been. Hmm…Well, I have plenty of yarn and plenty of ideas for knitting her something wonderful. She’s definitely getting something though, she was just phenomenal during dad’s illness and helping with arrangements and things. There are definitely angels amoung us, just not necessarily heavenly beings we can’t see. Although I believe they are out there too.

I am making a scarf for Sean right now, keeping my hands busy. It is turning out nice, and he really likes it. I dyed the yarn (Fisherman’s wool again) with Cushings dyes, in black and rust.

Mostly though, I count it my biggest accomplishment to be getting homeschool done every day. Thank God for the kids, otherwise, I think I would probably just hide my head under the pillow and sleep all day.

One of our biggest struggles, especially for Chad, is learning to write, how to put sentences together, how to make them form paragraphs with main ideas and supporting ideas, etc. It was just so confusing to them, and frustrating for me. Writing, like reading, was something that came to me easily in school. This week I found this article on the internet. It had the wonderful idea in it of cutting lined paper into “Sentence Strips” The kids write one sentence on each strip, I can correct and approve of the individual sentences, and then we can use them like blocks to “build” paragraphs. It was a genius idea, and has worked wonderfully. It isn’t as overhwelming as a whole sheet of blank paper, the kids have a great sense of pride in each sentence, and we are getting a lot more done, plus it is a breeze to show them how to organize their paragraphs.

Well, it is about time for lunch. If I get time later I will try to post pictures of the scarf. I am almost halfway done with it, and it isn’t as boring as knitting scarves usually is for me.