Well, here is my wonderful husband in his finished scarf. I did it in Oklahoma State Universtiy colors, orange and black. Yes, I realize that those are also Halloween colors, and it is really close to Halloween, but we don’t really get into Halloween around here. Not our thing. You can kind of see the pattern of the scarf in this picture too, although it is not that obvious in person. My husband is 6’8″, and this monster hangs to his knees. It really turned out long. There is one repeat of the skull and crossbones at each end, and then two individual skulls on each side. I knit it to the middle, then worked the chart backwards to get them all facing the right direction.

Here you can kind of see the skulls. When you look at the scarf at an angle you can see them, orange outlined in black. Since Sean is in the radiography program, he just loves the fact that you can’t see it unless you know the trick. It’s also a little difficult to get a good picture of it.

Here is the link to the pattern, if any of you want it. Skull Illusion Scarf I made this in Lion Brand Fisherman’s wool, and one skein made the huge scarf and ample fringe.