I have been meaning to post since Friday, but I got distracted. There has just been a lot to do. In the meantime though I got a couple of projects started. I swatched for a cabled cardigan in Lionbrand fishermans wool. The pattern called for size 8 needles, and I finally got gauge with size 5 needles. I usually don’t have a problem with gauge but I did this time. Once I figured out what size needles to use, and what size I needed to make the sweater, I cast on. It’s coming along okay I think. Then once I got that started, I got to thinking about something else I needed to do, and cast on for a lace scarf in the handspun alpaca I have been aging in the stash. It also is coming along okay. I knit a few rows on one, and when I start to get bored, I knit a few rows on the other.

I also finished up a few spinning projects this week. I finished some natural colored fleece I had been working on for no apparant reason, and spun up the rest of the chocolate brown alpaca in case I needed it for the lace scarf. There was a little bit of mixed colors of alpaca on a bobbin, so I plied those up, it made for an interesting yarn. I also wound a huge skein of yarn on my warping board so I could dye some self striping yarn for mittens for one of the kids, but I haven’t got around to dyeing it yet.

Fall is here. Now if it would just rain.

by Jan