I forgot when I posted on Monday to tell you about my “Junk Shop” finds. There is a little shop in town that has all kinds of “antiques” in it. Since a trip to town is a big deal, since Sean is in school we don’t have much time. Sp we don’t go browsing very often. We did Saturday however, and I had a great time, other than having to say “Don’t touch that” every 5 minutes. I found these old knitting needles and a crochet hook. The yellow ones are Sears, the wooden knitting needles are Boye, the set of double points with the original wrapper are Lion Brand (size 5), and the other set are Gem (size 2). I also found a huge stack of old Workbasket magazines. Those had patterns for 2 pairs of men’s socks, a set of knee socks and a couple of edgings. Nothing else I was really interested in, but once I have had a chance to look at them I will pass them on to the pastors wife. She does tatting, and there is at least one tatting pattern in every magazine.  Posted by Picasa