The first picture I wanted to show was of the ribbing as I sewed it into Reagan’s felted mittens. I saw this in some felted projects book, although I didn’t follow a pattern for these. I have knit enough mittens in my knitting career to be able to do it from memory.

I have been dyeing and spinning a lot lately. This is the batch of roving I have been working on. I have to admit, I thought it as a very ugly roving, although it reminded me of one of those pictures of far away galaxy’s they are always picking up with the Hubble telescope. Lots of oranges and purples. But ugly.

Which proves to me the adage that ugly rovings sometimes make beautfiul yarns. I have spun this up at several different weights, some lace weight, some heavy, some worsted. They are all pretty. This picture is a little washed out, but believe me, it is a really pretty yarn. I am already knitting Ryan mittens out of it. I guess that’s all for today. Boy, am I glad that Blogger is working again.  Posted by Picasa