We had an eventful weekend. We got up quite early to go to an auction at Sean’s work. At 7:00 in the morning, it was really cold, about 28 degrees outside, so everyone bundled up. All those mittens and scarves I knit before Christmas really came in handy! We drove into town and wandered around looking at what they were going to have up for auction, and didn’t find anything that was really that interesting, so Reagan and I returned to the car to play I Spy while I cast on and began to knit this shawl from Garnstudio.I am using some hand spun in natural colors and I think it will be really pretty. However, I hit a snag and ripped it back. I am going to chart it out so that it will be a little easier to follow the pattern. If you haven’t yet discovered Garnstudio, go and take a peek now. They are beginning to translate their free patterns into English, and it is a great site. The last time I looked, they had over 40 pages of free patterns already translated and more go up every day.

I was supposed to go to Rebecca’s house on Saturday evening, she is starting a knitting group/Bible Study. I was so excited about it. But on the way home from town, we got a call from Sean’s mom. There was a fire between where we live and the main road. About a minute later, we could see the smoke. The closer we got to the house, the more concerned we got, because it was beginning to look like it was closer to the house than we thought. Ends up that it was less than a quarter of a mile from the house, but luckily in an unoccupied area, and across a dirt road. The wind was blowing it away from us, and the fire department was on the scene. We decided to stay put rather than drive to Claremore, just in case. So I guess I will try to make it to Rebecca’s the next time! I am really looking forward to it.

Yesterday, I cast on for yet another project,
this moebius cowl from Cat Bordhi’s site. I finally figured out how to do that cast on, and felt pretty pleased with myself. My yarn is the handspun in reds, oranges and purples that I had thought I would use for socks, but it looks nice like this. I am going to knit the multi colored until it runs out, then the purple, then the red for the edging. It is really addictive knitting and hard to put down. I think I am going to cast on another one in bigger needles in the wild autumn colored mohair I spun about a year ago. I think that would make a fabulous scarf.

Sean started back to school yesterday, and had his first day of clinicals today in Tulsa. I pray that he does as well this semester as last (He was on the Honor Roll at the college, he got straight A’s!) It will be wonderful if he can get a job as a student intern at one of the local hospitals. Then next year we would get to see more of him. We miss him, and these kids need to see more of their dad. I know though, that it is all in the Plan. I keep telling myself, I might not understand the plan, I might not like the way the plan is going, but I have to trust that He knows more than I do, LOL. When Sean decided to do this school thing I was pretty upset, I didn’t want my apple cart upset, I guess. But it has been so good for Sean, and he is really so much happier. It’ll be worth this little bit of not getting to see much of Sean on a day to day basis in the end.

For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee, what he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him. –Isaiah 64:4