I am finished with spinning yarn for the next project. These two colors of yarn are favorites of my Sister In Law Lori. Well, she isn’t just a sister in law. She is a friend as well, and a wonderful cheerleader. Lori is a web designer, and has been encouraging/pushing me to open a web store so that I can sell yarn or roving, or both. We have talked about it quite frequently, and she has done some designing. early on in the talking stages, the subject of payment came up, me wanting to pay, not her begging for payment, LOL. We decided I would make her something. Since she lives in Florida, she has no use for mittens or shawls, sweaters or slippers. She would, however, like a felted bag. I still haven’t decided about the shop. There are a lot of people, spinning a lot better yarn than I am who have opened shops recently, and I am not sure I want to do something for pay that brings me so much enjoyment. So I guess you’ll have to wait for a while to see if I take the plunge or not. But you will get to see me knit and felt the bag! I have spun almost 400 yards of the purple, and a little less than 100 of the green. I have not decided which pattern to use, but it will use these two colors. That’s all I am posting today. The boys had a stomach virus yesterday, and I am definitly getting it, or have it, or something. I’ll post more pictures after I start the bag.  Posted by Picasa