I finished the sweater!!

I used 1 skein of Yarn Bee’s Baby Bee yarn, called Pitter Patter. I think this yarn is available at Hobby Lobby and Micheals exclusively, I haven’t seen it anywhere on line for sale. I used size 5 needles, and the fabric is not at all rigid, it is really soft and squishy. The ball band called for size 7 needles, and that would give you a really holey fabric I think. It also has no elasticity. I tried to use it to make a matching beret, but the edge wouldn’t stretch, so I scrapped that idea.

Lets see, it tookabout 2 weeks to knit this simple little sweater. I was easily swayed by the call of fresh wool. I probably could have knit it in one week if I had just stayed focused, and had buttons on hand. I bought four balls of yarn, and have three left over, 2 white, 1 white. I wonder how this stuff would work up on the triangle loom? I will probably try to crochet a baby blanket or knit one using two strands on big needles.

I thought I was going to share this picture of my daughter Reagan being baptized last Sunday, but blogger won’t let me. I pray that the Lord will continue to guide her and direct her in her life, and that His hand will help her as she faces the problems we all have in this life. He has made an amazing difference in my life, and I can think of no other gift than to follow Him all your life long.