I have finished spinning up the supply of top I had on hand for the fair aisle sock, and I am waiting for my new order. I have a place that I order the Cushings dye from that usually the order is here two days after I order it, but for some reason, it hasn’t even shipped yet. I called them yesterday and they said they were processing the order, but it still doesn’t say shipped on the tracking page, so I guess it will be sometime next week before I can get started on that again. The wool won’t be here til then either though, so I guess it doesn’t matter if the dye is here or not, other than I just want to dye and have nothing to dye with, haha.

So of course I have free time. This should mean work on charting the socks, or knitting the cabled sweater. What it does mean is that I started another project. That mohair yarn just wouldn’t quit calling my name. So I started the Corner to Corner Shawl from Knitters Scarves and Shawls. I don’t have enough yarn for the whole thing, but I do have enough to knit two instead of three of the open panels. This yarn is just perfect for this project. It calls for size three needles, and I am using size 7, but it is knitting up just beautifully. I was hopeing for a project where I could knit while teaching during the day. This is not that project, I am still relying heavily on the charts. Hopefully soon I will get the pattern repeats memorized and be able to figure out where I am without counting rows.

Thought I would leave you today with a picture of Stache, one of the abandoned puppies we rescued. The two little girls found good homes as well. We kept Stache because he isjust the prettiest dog. His growth has slowed down a lot, thank goodness. He is really a lot of fun and very loving, but he can be a pain in the neck sometimes. I’m so glad he found us, he has been great for the kids.  Posted by Picasa