Yesterday, I made some changes. I moved my knitting/spinning area from back in my bedroom to out in the living room. I had been going back there to work instead of staying out here in the living room. It just wasn’t good. I immediately noticed a big change in everyone. Things just went more smoothly yesterday.

I didn’t get much spinning done yesterday though. I had a mountain of laundry to do. I might have one or two loads left to do today, before the cycle starts all over again. I also straightened my room, putting books away mostly. I have a bad habit of dragging books out and leaving them in a trail behind me. Some on the bedside table, some beside my knitting chair, a few on the desk, cookbooks on the counters. I will still have to deep clean it when it’s turn comes up on the CHCH Challenge.

I have decided that I am going to post more often, but not just about fibery stuff. I don’t know exactly what things are going to be posted when, but on Friday I have a plan to post about the blessings of the past week. I’ve seen that on some other blogs and I really love the idea. What better way to end the week than listing the ways the Father has blessed you since the last Friday!

In fiber news….I’m still spinning!

I think though that I might cast on for the gauge swatch today. I drug out all my Addi Turbos, and I think I have enough yarn balled up to knit a swatch the colors for one band of the socks. The chart for the socks has been done and redone, but I think I finally hit on something I really like, and I’m excited about it. I need a tiny break from spinning, so that is probably what I will do this evening.

Today is day 3 for me of the CHCH Challenge, and it’s supposed to be the front yard. We did the front yard about 3 weekends ago, we went through and picked up all the stuff that had blown in over the winter, took the large tree branches that had come down back to the woods, and just generally straightened up. So we will probably go out and just clean up again, and do Sean’s car. Yesterday was vehicles, and we did the truck but Sean had the car. He took the truck this morning, so that worked out well!