Big, Bigger, Biggest

My new bowl got here a day earlier than estimated. UPS pulled up and I went out there to get the package and was handed a huge box. The only bigger one I have gotten was when they delivered my spinning wheel. I was a little worried, if the bowl was that big I had seriously underestimated it’s size and there was no way I could make that much bread. Inside that box was a lot of styrofoam peanuts and another box. Whew! (I should have taken pictures) For a moment I had visions of one of those tricks where you just keep opening progressively smaller boxes and then you get a ring or a thimble or something, but no, the second box contained more styrofoam and the bowl.

It was still a pretty big bowl.

I figure if the little bowl holds enough dough for 1 loaf of bread, and the plain white bowl held enough for 2 loaves, then the biggest bowl probably holds enough for 4. That’s a lot of dough to try to knead at once though, we’ll have to see how it goes.

The bowl is perfect for potato salad though. I am the potato salad provider at family gatherings, and until now, have never had a bowl that was big enough that I could mix it up without getting a lot of the ingrediants on the counter. I think this bowl has solved that problem, haha.


Have you ever watched the show on TV called Survivorman? They drop this survivalist guy into some remote area, with cameras and a roll or string or some other thing, and he has 7 days to get back to civilization before they go looking for him. My kids love that show. Which means we go to the library and stock up on camping and survival books. Yesterday, I decided that for school, they would have to use the books to construct a “campsite” in the back yard.

I gave them a roll of string and a sheet, they took their books and headed off. Chad did most of the building, but they all got into it. He had a little help from his friends…

They spent the whole day out there, they dug a fire pit and put old charred logs in it so it would look like they had had a fire, the made a tripod for cooking off of, they just had a lot of fun. It was a good break from our regular school work, and everyone had a good time. Today, Grandpa is ploughing up the garden, and we are talking about that, and what we want to plant. We also have to look for arrowheads, they are usually easy to find once you have turned up the earth.