Well, here is my second try at the enterlac pillow top.


I’m still not entirely happy with it, so I will probably rip it out and start over. I wanted some texture,so tried to do the natural colored yarn in garter stitch. It just didn’t work the way I hoped it would. So I’ll go back and do those squares in stockinette as well, and I’ll probably be happy. I love the smaller squares, they really suit the look I was going for.

We had a good homeschool day today. We got so much done today. That is the way it has been for most of the summer. Everyone really seems buckled down. We got some of Reagan’s curriculum in the mail and I need to order some science and math stuff. Math seems to be the thing that we have the most trouble finding a good program for. We found a good program for multiplication (Times Tales! Wonderful wonderful program for multiplication and division)

Today I cleaned out the kids bookshelf and the containers they keep their individual work in. I am going to store those containers on one shelf each of the very tall, very narrow book shelf. It looks so much neater than keeping the containers on top of the fridge, LOL.

Well, Hubby is home and I have to fix dinner. Hope everyone is having a good day! Posted by Picasa