I can’t believe that it is Wendsday already!! Ack! I swear I mean to update more often, but time has just been flying by. With DH’s new schedule, homeschooling and trying to adjust, I keep forgetting to post, even though I mean to.

Anyway, I seem to have finally gotten over my fiber block, and ideas for items from socks to shawls are multiplying rapidly in my skull. However, before I get to any of those, I have to finish up some of the UFO’s around here. I have been working on the diagonal scarf a lot, while feeling guilty that I am not working on the cabled cardigan for my MIL. I know it will be no time before it will be cold enough to wear the cabled sweater, so I really should be working on it, but I haven’t really had time to devote to it. It takes a bigger block of time to get re-oriented on it and make progress than I have had lately. So I work on the scarf…..

and I do some spinning……

I love that top skein. I carded some cranberry, hot pink and purple together, and that is what happened. It was lots of fun and a good short diversion from the ongoing lace weight singles spinning.

In other news, Reagan and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby last Friday, where baskets were half off. So we both got a “knitting” basket.



Reagan also got a skein of really really fat yarn to knit with. She has really been knitting, everywhere, all the time. It’s a guaranteed that if I get out my knitting, she goes and gets out hers, and if I get out the Minstrel, she goes and gets the Ashford traditional and gives it a go. She doesn’t quite get it yet, but she’s getting there. Anyway, she also got a copy of the Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book on sale for $3.66. She seems to really be enjoying it, or at least moving the book mark around every so often. This is her most recent “project”