Okay, I don’t know if these pictures of baby hats and booties are boring, but there is such a drought of finished objects on this blog that I plan to continue posting them until someone says, “Hey, Jan, enough of the baby stuff already.”

It is such a great feeling to actually get something done around here, you just can’t imagine. I mean let’s face it, there is not much of my life that is ever going to be finished. Laundry? Always going to be there. Dishes? Someone is always eating something. Sweeping and mopping. Nothing about three kids and two dogs suggests in anyway I am ever going to finish sweeping and mopping. Homeschooling? Well, someday it will be done, but not for at least another 10 or 11 years. Until I reach Heaven, I won’t be done trying to live a life more pleasing to Christ since I fail so miserably at that every day.

So while a baby hat and socks set isn’t much, it’s finished! Let’s enjoy it, okay?