There has been quite a bit of fiber activity lately, even if I didn’t have the batteries to post pictures. However, new rechargeables have been purchased, and I have set of regular old batteries that will last me until the rechargeables are ready, so here we go…

I have another set of hat and baby socks ready for the pregnancy resource center. I have heard via the pastors wife that the director is just thrilled with the things I have already sent. I was worried she might need blankets or something else, but since the hat and socks fit the bill, I’m going to get back on track with knitting one set at least a week. I really like this set that I have just finished, I think the brown and baby blue go so well together. I think next I am going to make a striped set.

I have finished the first set of increases on the first sleeve of the cabled sweater. Now instead of increasing every 6 rows, I am increasing every 4. I am really eager to get to the top of the sleeve and see if I can get the saddle to work. I’m a little worried about it, but I think it’s going to be fine. Other than that, I am spinning. I am plying some singles, and spinning the stuff I want to get done to sale. There is so much going on around here it is taking a lot longer than I had thought it would.

DH is off today, (His first day off from both school and work since the new school year started) and is spending this morning working on our stupid car. We are supposed to go out to dinner this evening while his dad watches the kids. I really hope that happens, we really need the time alone to decompress. Then, next week, he will have Thursday and Friday off and we are planning on doing something with the kids. I have no idea what.

Reagan had her birthday and I didn’t post a picture of her and her cake. Better late than never, right?

All my kids are growing up so fast.
I did make a new blog to write about my weight watchers adventure. If you are interested in that, it is over here .