Welcome to the new Work of Her Hands. I hated to move, and hope I don’t loose too many people, but Blogger was driving me nuts! Hopefully, once I figure out a few things, blogging will be more regular. I just can’t spend three days trying to get one post up and running.

Now, we’ll return to your regularly scheduled programming..

I have been knitting a lot lately. I have been carrying my baby knitting with me to weight watchers meetings and get a lot done there. I finished three sets of baby hats/booties this week, although only two were for the Pregnancy Resource Center.

I really like the lime green one with the multi-colored brim. I used a set of eyelets around the top of the hat after the first two sets of decreases, and then made i-cord to lace through the eyelets and finish off the top of the hat. It really turned out cute.

The peach colored set is the Baby Bee yarn in a color called “blush”.        

I thought the lace smoke ring would be working up faster than it is, since I am using a sport weight yarn. I guess it was delayed for a while because after the main knitting in the Shetland Fir  Conepattern, I couldn’t decide what to do next. After a couple of rows of yarn over, knit 2 together, to set off the patterns, I decided on Old Spanish lace. So far I have almost one repeat done, and it might be the only one, this thing is getting to about the right size. I still want to do a lace edging on the side that will be around my face, and then it needs to be blocked.Blocking will stretch it out some more, and hopefully it will look more delicate. My main objective was warmth though, and I think it’s going to be warm. So maybe a week or so until it’s done. 

 I’m still figuring out how to post pictures to WordPress, and then I will have pictures up of the smoke ring.