I still haven’t had much time to knit, there is just so much that I don’t get done everyday it is amazing to me.  From the sheer amount of nothingness that I accomplish, you would think I sat around eating bon bons all day. The reality of it is, I feel like I don’t stop moving from the time I get up until I get back in bed. You clean one mess up, and it is immediately replaced by another mess. And these aren’t really messy kids, they really do help me clean up and stuff, and yet it still never ends. It’s maddening.

I did decide to post some pictures of the lace I am working on though, after I figured out how to resize them, and then export them from the photo editor. Picasa did all that for me, when I posted. Oh well, I needed to figure out how to do it anyway.                                                              Fir Cone Lace

This is the fir cone part of the knitting, it makes up the main cowl/hood part of the smoke ring. It frames the face, and will probably need a small lace edging.  Since I was knitting this in the round (Have I mentioned I love the new KnitPicks Options needle set. I am no longer forced to knit things on 40 inch needles because that is all I bought since I do the majority of my knitting in the magic loop method. On the small set of cables, I wasn’t forced to deal with yo’s when I finished half the row. It was great!!) it’s just straight knitting, no purl rows. I think it is going to look okay. Since it is for me, and I really don’t care for the purl bumps anyway, it’s fine.

The Spanish Lace border is really wide. Without the purl rows, I’m not sure how it is going to look,smoke ring
however, I think it made the transition from the fir cone lace pretty well, and looks balanced. It’s hard to tell right now. Now that the border is flaring out, I changed to a longer set of cables, and also went up a size in needles and am now knitting with size 9’s.  Once I am done, I am going to dye it with Cushings in a red color. The grey makes the red really deep and jewel like. I think it’s going to be beautiful.

Anyway, this is what I am going to work on this weekend. It’s really cold here again, despite having a day or two of really nice weather, so I am going to go find another couple of layers of clothes, and start knitting. Have a great weekend.