I dreamt about the mot amazing sweaters night before last.  Cabled and bobbled and lace, in the most amazing colors.  And then, right before I woke up,  the last sweater I dreamt about was a giant intarsia sweater featuring Grover from Sesame Street.  It is the only one I can remember.  It makes me want to cry.  I wish I could remember more what the others looked like, I might have actually wanted to knit one of those.

Anyway.  Tomorrow is my birthday. And my anniversary. Again. Now don’t get me wrong, I am really glad I am still having birthdays, compared to the alternative, and anniversaries are great. We just shouldn’t have tacked our anniversary onto a day that was already loaded. It was something Jody and I shared, and while it was fun to get married on Valentines day, I always feel like someone is getting short changed. Usually Sean. It ends up being more a day about me and what I want than a day about us.  Maybe we should just start celebrating our anniversary sometime in the spring or summer.  Hmm.

I’m still looking for a cabled cardigan to knit for my mom. There are sooooo many choices out there in yarn and design.  I can’t get the yarn until I decide what sweater to knit, so I guess the project is, while not exactly on the backburner because I am thinking about it all the time, kind of on pause.  My MIL usually gives me money for my birthday, so if she does this year I am going to buy Aran Sweater Design by Janet Szabo, and maybe another book. 

Tonight is weigh in at Weight Watchers. My goal for this month was to be at 230 or less by Valentines Day.  Last week I was at 231.8, so I will have had to loose 2 lbs this week to meet that goal. I think I did okay, I racked up 22 activity points, and I didn’t eat all of them. I used to eat all of my activity points, but my weight loss has slowed, and so I tried not to eat all of them this week.  I have been really struggling with the fact that I have lost almost 40 lbs and I am still really big. I can see changes, and I know that it is better to loose slowly if you want to keep the weight off. I also know that this is truly a lifestyle change and not a “diet”.  I know I feel better if I eat fruits, vegetable, whole grains and lean meat and exercise at the least every other day.  Actually, I like the way I’m eating and the exercise.  But I also would really like to have a slice of lasagna with a LOT of cheese or a plate of fettuccine Alfredo, and I can’t justify the points.  I’m going to have to figure it out soon, though, or it’s going to cause me to slip, and I don’t want to slip.  Anyway, I’ll update on the weigh in soon.

Well, I hope everyone has a good Valentines day. Hopefully I will get to do some knitting tommorrow, but I know Sean is taking the day off, and we will probably run, run, run. Don’t eat too much chocolate!

p.s. the s key on my keyboard is sticking. I went back and tried to find all the missing s’es, but if I didn’t get them all, sorry!