Baby hat and booties

I wanted to make a watermelon themed set of hat and booties. I used a permanent marker to draw on the seeds, and I really don’t like how it looks. I’ll have to come up with a different solution if I make another set of these. I like them other than that, though.
silk singles

I also managed to get a tiny bit of spinning done last week. Not much, but at least I got the wheel out. My wheel really needs a good cleaning, but everytime I clean it it takes me a while to get it back to the settings where it spins well. I also struggle with what material to use for the drive band, nothing seems to work as well as the stuff that came with it, which broke a long time ago. Right now I have one of those clear, elasitic gelly bands on it,  and it just doesn’t feel right.  At least I got so spin some.
lace smoke ring

Finally, I finished the lace smoke ring/cowl.  After I finished the second row of Old Spanish lace, I tried a couple of lace edgings, and just didn’t like any of them. They didn’t flow right, or they were too big. This thing already set on my shoulders like a small poncho (it turned out bigger than I expected, I just kind of cast on and knit), so too big of a lace edging wasn’t going to work.  So i decided instead to modify the edging from the Flower Basket Shawl (Interweave Knits Fall 2004) so that it fit in between the points on the Old Spanish Lace, and then finished it off. 

After I wove in the ends, I soaked it for about 20 minutes, and then dyed it using Cushings dye in the shade of Cardinal.  After blocking, I think it really turned out nice, even if it is a little big. The part that is too big will be under my coat, anyway, and will add extra warmth, right?

The next pattern I am going to be starting is the Pirate Mittens from Hello Yarns. Sean’s graduation is coming up in May, and I am knitting these for his advisor and teacher. I’m knitting them in Sooner colors,  red and white, in Dale of Norway Hauk. They look like a fun knit and I can’t wait to get started.

Well, it’s been a bumpy week. My small gain at Weight Watchers really threw me for a loop. It upset me, and I just couldn’t get over it. I went back and looked at my weight charts, and realized I have been trying to lose these same 5 pounds for a month! I guess I just expect the weight to come off faster than that, since I am not only dieting, but I have really stepped it up on the excercise front as well. So I decided to revisit my measurements.  In the past month I have lost 1 inch off my chest measurement (none from my bust, thank goodness, since I don’t have much there to begin with), 2 and 1/2 inches from my waist and 3 inches from my hips.  I think those are pretty good numbers, but I really don’t have anything to compare them too.  I just know I’m doing what I’m supposed to, and hopefully (soon!) I will get down below 230 and feel better about all this.  Weigh in is tommorrow, and for the first time, I am actually dreading going.  I’ve really been weighing and measureing everything, and trying to eat more Core foods and less processed things, so I’ve done everything I can. 

I’m waiting on my new camera to be delievered, and then hopefully I’ll have some good pictures to share!