We had a wonderful evening tonight.  Sean got out of work early at the hospital because they don’t seem to schedule much in the cath lab for Monday’s. So he got home, and took a nap, which he sorely needed, while we finished school.  After he got up, we drove into town and picked up extra lean hamburger and whole wheat buns for dinner.  Sean grilled them outside on the grill, and we ate on the porch.  We had so much fun.  In the middle of dinner, Ryan says, “I need to show you something under that bale of hay after dinner, Dad.” So we spent some time guessing what it could be. A snake? Spiders?  nope, a big hole, in the middle of the yard. Why did he dig a big hole in the middle of the yard? To fill up the little holes his puppy dug.  So now instead of several small shallow holes, we have a big deep hole that when he steps into it, swallows him to above his knees.  You have to love little boys.


The mittens for Sean’s instructor are finished.  I think he still wants me to knit the hat that matches these, but we will have to see, I guess. I hope that if I do, the place where I bought the yarn for these still has yarn of the same dye lot.  He really likes them, I’m glad. I hope the instructor likes them as well.

Since it’s getting warmer we will probably shear while Sean is on spring break.  The sheep are really needing a hair cut!