I haven’t got to post in the last couple of days. I haven’t had a lot to show. I finished spinning and plying the merino/silk blend, but all of it finished looks the same as half of it finished. 

 I started a pair of Jaywalker socks in some self striping yarn, And they looked fantastic. But after completing the heel, working toe up, I found that I didn’t have enough yarn in one skein to complete a whole sock.  Since I only have two skeins of the yarn, I obviously wasn’t going to have enough for an entire pair of socks. So I ripped those back, and considered starting the socks over with another sock yarn. I decided to work on something else for a bit though, namely the We Call Them Pirates hat to match the mittens in Dale Hauk I made earlier.

pirates hat

Sean graduates on the 5th.  I really should have the set done by pinning, so I have exactly one month to get the hat done.  Sean is going away today for convention, so I’ll have some time over the next few days to get some headway made.

I continue to find bits of time to work on combing out the wool from Tootles fleece.  I work on it, think I have got a lot done, and then look at the amount of wool still in the pillow case I keep it in. I have sooooo far to go. It’s a fun project though, watching the clumps of wool turn into soft airy clouds of top.  I think I might take a couple of the lengths of top and dye them, just for the fun of it and because I am dying (haha) for some turqoise and brown yarn.  Those colors are popping up everywhere, and I love the combination.

Yesterday was weight watchers. I weighed in, and was down 51.8 pounds, which means I recieved my 50 lb. star. I think I would have done even better, expect Monday I made a dish the kids love that we call mexican lasagna. I brown hamburger and rinse it, add onion, refried beans, corn, black beans and a package of taco seasoning, and then layer that with corn tortillas and shredded cheese.  We bake it until it is bubbly and brown. It’s delicous, and it turns out, a real trigger food for me. I thought I would just make me something else, but I ended up eating the mexican lasagna.  It was good, though, and I don’t regret eating it. I counted (a lot of) points for it  and moved on.

Well, that’s about it for the update. Reagan had a horrible horrible case of poison ivy, she is so allergic to it, and her face swelled until we could barely see her eyes, and that was after the poison ivy shot on Friday. So after a round of oral steriods, she is now on the mend.  She really was a sick little puppy.  Better now, and we truly thank God for that. Having poison ivy around your eyes like that is scary.

Will post more soon!