First I want to say thank you to all the get well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them. I am on the mend now, feeling much better, and ready to get back in the swing of things.  I don’t seem to be suffering from any of the bad effects some people seem to have when they have their gall bladder removed, and for that I am extremely grateful. jaywalker-sock2.jpg

I did get some knitting done while I was recovering, although it doesn’t seem like I have got as much knitting done as sleeping, but that’s okay.  I needed the sleep, and the socks are coming along nicely anyway. I really like this Jaywalker pattern, and I can see now why it was such a big hit not too long ago.  The pastel colors of this yarn means that the color changes are very subtle, but I like them. I can’t wait to get this one done so I can start the next. I had to rip out the heel and knit that part again, I started it just a bit too soon.  I think I am going to have plenty of yarn, too! Yeah!

Next up I have this yarn that I spun to show you.  When the kids were dyeing Easter eggs, I just couldn’t help myself and grabbed some of Tootles Yarn, splashed some teal and brown dye on it, steamed it and spun it. I didn’t plan, didn’t pre soak the fiber, didn’t do a good job at all, and yet I still like this yarn. It isn’t the turqoise and mocha I have been longing for, but I think it’ll make a nice set of fingerless mittens to gift to someone.  I need to set apart an afternoon to do some real dyeing, to get the yarn I really want.

Well, the clematis managed to make it through the late frost/cold snap/snow we had a week or so ago. It took this first bloom a little while to come into full color, I think because it was so cold. It’s really beautiful, though.