I love spinning. It is so relaxing, and I really like the accomplished feeling that it gives me when I finish a spinning project and have enough yarn for an item that I made myself. That being said, I have about three different fiber combinations in various stages of completion, and I don’t really have enough of any of them spun up right now for a project.turqoise-tootles-yarn-resized.jpg

I have been spinning some of the fiber from shearing Tootles in various bits and peices.  A little plain, a little combed, a little dyed. I dyed it with some kind of “southwestern” shades: turqouise, rusty orange, various shades of greeny greens. My intent was to comb the various shades, and make a hackle and ditz off the combed fiber to get a streaky kind of top.  I got the dyeing done, and a little combing, spun a little of the original fiber and then ran out of energy on that endeavor.


Then I had some of Tootles fiber just plain, and I have been combing that in bits and spurts. It spins up so nicely, and is so much fun, but this is a big job (Tootles had a lot of wool!) and it’s going to take a while, so I’m pacing myself on this job.


Then I had a combination of alpaca, Ivy’s first shearing and some mohair that I decided to spin, since it was just taking up space in my “fiber drawer”. This is just one drum batt of fiber left over after carding another project that I just threw together. It spins very very fine, and since I had such a small amount, I decided that I would spin it as fine as I could, just to see how much yardage I could get from that amount of fiber. I haven’t decided whether to ply the resulting singles or not, if I have quite a bit of singles, I may just set the twist and then knit some lace with it.  But again, it takes a long time to spin yarn that fine, and I get bored with it quickly and then have to go knit a while. (more on that later)

So I need a major battery jump. Something exciting to spin. I want lots of color in a fiber that is easy and quick to spin. I guess I need to start browsing the fiber lists and see what I can find.

Next fiber post, what’s on the needles!