Reagan has taken an interest in cooking, and so yesterday, she made chocolate chip cookies. All I did was check after she read each step in the directions to make sure she understood what she was supposed to do, and then I put the cookies in the oven and took them out when she told me to.


She did a great job, and she made sure her brothers, her dad, her grandpa and her aunt and uncle all got samples.  She also carried the bowl of cookie dough around with her, to make sure no one ate any of it while she wasn’t looking. 


Yum! I don’t remember why we started putting sugar down where we are going to cool the cookies. I think it was because we didn’t have any cooling racks, and the sugar was supposed to lift the cookies up so the bottoms would crisp up. Anyway, it really makes the cookies taste good, and she made sure the sugar was down on the aluminum foil before she took them off the baking sheets.

Reagan has been having a blast with her cousin TJ since school let out for the summer. Here they are on Memorial Day, riding the wheeled garden seat back and forth on grandma and granpas deck.  They are quite a pair.